Cast-on… for now

Filed under: Knitting,Techniques — Alicia @ February 14, 2008

One of the things I really want to learn to do properly is a provisional cast-on. I often knit double sided, reversible hats (it’s -30C/-21F outside as I right this), and I’d like to be able to have a seamless union. Up to now I’ve been knitting one hat, then picking up stitches from it to start the second hat (see an image of one in the making here).

I’ve tried doing the Looped Cast-on, but I just couldn’t join in the round with it (my stitches at the beginning and end where too loose). It was just a mess.

Recently I’ve discovered some other methods I’m going to try next time:

I think I’ll try some variation of the crocheted cast-on first. It’s not very labor intensive, and I think it will work for knitting in the round. COWYAK seems like it will also work for knitting in the round, but I’m lazy so I don’t want to have to work more than one row with scrap yarn. Judy’s method seems quite intriguing, but I think I’ll end up having the same problems when trying to join in the round.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

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