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Sorry for not writing in such a long time, but the end of the year is usually the worst time for me at work (I teach). I hope that during my absence you had a great Christmas and a festive New Year!

So I know I should have posted my list for Santa before Christmas, but who cares, I still want this stuff. I figured I shared with you some of the things I’m saving for, and some of the things I know I’ll never buy, but wish I could afford.

  1. Knit Visualizer: It’s a software that helps you build knitting charts. I sometimes get patterns with only written instructions, and with this I would be able to convert them into a handy chart. Also, I could post designs of my own (if I had any).
    Price: $185 USD.
    Possibility of me buying it: None.
  2. Ball Winder: This handy device helps you make balls of yarns out of skeins or big yarn messes. At my LYS the owner is very gracious, so she has one and lets everyone use it (even if you didn’t buy the yarn there!)
    Price: $40 USD.
    Possibility of me buying it: Very likely (a friend game me some gift certificates that I plan to use to buy it.)
  3. Umbrella Swift: It works in conjunction with the ball winder. You wrap the skein around it, and then use the ball winder to turn it into a handy ball.
    Price: $75 USD.
    Possibility of me buying it: Very low (as long as I have a husband with two hands and the ball winder, I’ll be fine).
  4. Colorful stitch markers: I’ve made my own stitch markers, but kishcrafts’ stitch markers are such fun. I love the dessert and sugar skull markers.
    Price: $12 USD.
    Possibility of me buying it: Somewhat likely (but deciding which one to get is the hard part).

I’ll buy a lottery ticket later today…


  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I’m thrilled to see that you have it in both English and Spanish. I studied Spanish (many years ago) and I would like to re-learn it. What better way to re-learn it than to read about knit and crochet! Thanks,

    Ellen at

    Comment by Ellen Gormley — January 14, 2009 @ 7:55 am

  2. you can easily make those cute stitch markers using MakinsClay, Anita.. you can get them at its an airdry clay, package says it dries within 24hours but by experience it dries pretty quick and since you know how to put findings on jewelries you can easily make your own customized stitch markers, like i did.. 🙂 (please note i am in no way related to polymerclayexpress, its just my favorite store online for clay and stuff..) 🙂

    Comment by sheene — February 10, 2009 @ 7:04 am

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